Monday, September 25, 2006

better trip

I just got home from a week of work in another state. As I was flying home I realized that I hadn't gotten angry at anyone on this trip. I especially didn't get angry at anyone working for the airlines and that might be a new record for me. Airline problems have triggered my anger a lot in the past. Of course it helped this time that there weren't any problems that I can think of. I did get my suitcase zipper repaired before this trip. On my last plane trip the zipper puller got ripped off my suitcase by the luggage equipment at an airport. I got pulled out of shape by that. But I was able to take the suitcase to a local repair man without feeling anymore anger about what happened.

A pat on the back for me!

And a pat on the back for you if you've made some progress lately also!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

compassionate blogger

I enjoyed reading this post today by a compassionate blogger.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

end of therapy, for now

Two weeks ago my therapist and I agreed that I end therapy for now. I made good progress with her. I could not think of more things to talk about. There will always be issues that need further work, but for now, anyway, I think I'm on track and working with these fairly well as they come up. I'm feeling fairly normal these days. Work is going well. I'm pacing myself better at work and giving myself more rest.

My therapist and I agreed that I would call her again for another appointment should the need arise. And it might. Sometimes things come up that are difficult for me to handle by myself and I need to talk them over with someone. My therapist listened well and gave good suggestions.