Monday, February 27, 2006

Window Pain

Window Pain

When the death wish taps upon my window
I recall the tapping forty years ago
When small, I looked up to the starry sky
And wished, no, not that I could die,
but, rather, even more forlorn,
that I would never have been born.
It's hard to argue with the window pain,
But I'll resist: it taps more loss than gain.

Copyright © 1994 by Al Johnson

Writing the Wrongs / Righting the Wrongs poetry book


I experienced severe child abuse. My mother experienced severe spousal abuse. I am in a lifetime journey of recovery from the abuse.

I have found it helpful to write poetry about my pain as well as my recovery steps.

You are welcome to read my poetry at my Recovery Poetry Spa or in my poetry book available on or my Lulu Press website.