Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a la commode

Yesterday my wife noticed a widening wet spot on the ceiling of our downstairs bathroom. We immediately suspected that our upstairs toilet was leaking. And I immediately felt angry at the subcontractor who removed and reinstalled that toilet when we had new flooring installed upstairs last spring. I had asked him to be sure to make a good seal because our main contractor had had a problem with a leak from that toilet in the past and it had been difficult for him to get it stopped.

The flooring company was closed when I learned of the problem. So I had to wait until today to call them about the problem. In the past I would likely have gotten quite stressed out over this issue. There is a good chance I might have raised my voice in anger and maybe even threatened legal action. But I did better today. I still expressed my disappointment with the work of the subcontractor. But I was more civil. I'm learning that that usually works better when talking about problems that need to be resolved.

The flooring company sent their inspector to our house right away. And they have contracted with a plumber to do a proper job sealing the toilet.

It feels good to continue making progress.