Saturday, January 06, 2007

freedom in the fellowship of stutterers

A couple of days ago I spotted a link to a blog post titled Remembering The Stutterer. I followed the link to a blog hosted by someone who stutters and blogged about it. I was deeply interested because I, too, have been a stutterer. It felt freeing to read the blog post and comments on it by other stutterers. I added mine to theirs. There is something very special about being in the company of others who have a similar disability as you do, and are honest and transparent about it. It's freeing, and healing. I wish that more of us who have abusive backgrounds or disabilities of various kinds would be more open so that others can experience freedom and progress from being with those who understand what we go through. As I have talked with others, I've come to believe that a high percentage of people, perhaps most people, have disabilities or impediments of one kind of another. Some are hidden, others are seen, but all are real. I want to be open enough about my issues, where appropriate, so that others can feel comfortable to talk about their issues and, hopefully, experience greater freedom and joy in life.


Blogger Beachwriter said...

We all have some form of disabilities I think:) I didn't stutter but I had a lisp...And I suck at math:)

At the age of 40 years old - I cannot do math if it depends on me...

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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