Saturday, March 11, 2006

God's Tears

The storm clouds
approach and
engulf me
darkening my world.
Then the raindrops fall
from heaven.
God must be crying
with me.

Copyright © 1993 by Al Johnson


Blogger Yesterdays_ashes said...


I believe he is crying for and with that little boy. Hold that little boy close and let him know he is safe now. God Bless you & take gentle care of you.


7:38 AM  
Blogger Yesterdays_ashes said...

I also meant to tell you that I can certainly relate to the silence that we kept to ourselves for so long. For me, it only helped to feed the shame and guilt. It's only been in the last year that I have begun to share my feelings, my thoughts & my story. It IS one day at a time. And it is helpful to have others nearby who walk this same path of recovery. Thinking of you.


7:42 AM  
Blogger Al Johnson said...

Thank you, Tina, for your kind helpful thoughts. I confess that it is very difficult for me to hold that little boy close and let him know he is safe now. My head tells me that it is the truth. But my emotions still find it difficult to go along with the truth. The lies that the abuse taught are so deeply engrained. But I will not give up! I'm glad others like you can understand. I had no one else to talk to in the past. My wife is also very understanding and supportive.

8:46 AM  

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