Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Depression and Spiritual Healing

A year ago there was a post at ... in the outer blog on Depression and Spiritual Healing. I consider the suggestions good. However, I would caution readers of that post to be very, very careful about going off your meds. That blogger felt he needed to for financial reasons. I know about that since my antidepressant is quite expensive. But it's keeping me alive, quite literally. Always consult your psychiatrist or other prescribing doctor if you are thinking of reducing the dosage of your antidepressant or going off it entirely. Too many people try to manage their antidepressant by themselves. But that can be dangerous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Al,
So wonderful to see a voice of reasoning. I am busy with my doctorate on depression and metaphysics. I lived with depression myself for years and it was a holistic approached from thyroid medication, spiritual counselling, yoga, acceptance and many more that helped. There are many paths - one for the need of every individual soul. When it is so dark and so deep your medication can get you to a place where you can cope and explore other venues, maybe even see the God of your heart. Good luck and find yourself a great yoga teacher - Riana

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